Five Best Nutrition Iphone Apps

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Last week I shared with you five of my favorite fitness Iphone apps. Fitness is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle; however, so is nutrition and eating healthy. We all know how super confusing eating the right foods can be so these five nutrition iphone apps should help to keep you on track so you can better plan your meals and make healthier choices when it’s time to fuel that body of yours.

1. Foodily
Do you have chicken in your fridge, but not sure how to cook it up for dinner since you are also on a gluten free diet? Well this app will definitely help you out. Just click the ingredients you have at hand and a list of recipes will pop up instantly. Furthermore, you can even select any type of dietary restrictions such as gluten free, dairy free, or even sugar free to be sure those recipes don’t contain any ingredients that you can’t eat on your special diet or just don’t want to eat. It’s a great way to have a recipe in seconds that fits your preferences.
2. Paprika
About a month ago my recipes were a mess. I had stacks of recipes torn out from magazines, recipe cards I started to write up, as well as various recipes on the web bookmarked. It made it rather difficult to find a recipe when I needed one. Sound familiar? Well this app will do more than just store your healthy recipes so they are easy to find when you need them; it also gives you options to take photos of your recipes, import recipes from a variety of websites as well as plan all your meals for the week with an automatically generated grocery list! WOW! As you may know, planning your meals for the week is key to staying on track with your healthy lifestyle.  
3. Locavore
Eating locally is not only better on the environment and local business, but it’s also better for your health. Locally grown produce often contains less pesticide residue than large commercial farms and is fresher so it retains more nutrients (and also isn’t sprayed with some weird gas to keep it fresher longer…ewww). So if you’re not sure what fruits and veggies are in season in your area or where to get them then this app will help you out by listing what’s in season as well as local markets and farms where you can find them.
4. Restaurant Nutrition
So you’re at Applebee’s with your friends for dinner and you’re trying to decide what to eat that won’t totally sabotage your diet. Should you get the Fiesta Lime Chicken or might the Bourbon Steak and Shrimp be a healthier option? This app will give you some guidance so you can make the healthier choice. With over 250,000 restaurants it’s easy to find the one you’re looking for. Click your restaurant, find the dish, and voila! There are the nutrition facts. In this scenario, 1160 calories for the Fiesta Lime Chicken vs 750 calories for the Bourbon Steak and Shrimp is a bit of a difference when making a decision, and even 750 calories is a bit much so that’s even more encouragement to ask for half to go!
5. Food Additives
Reading nutrition facts is important, but so is reading the actual ingredients in your food. Yes, a food can seem healthy according to the calorie or other nutrient content; however, if it’s loaded with chemicals and preservatives that doesn’t mean it’s good for you. For instance, diet soda doesn’t contain any calories, carbs or sugar, but does contain many questionable ingredients such as aspartame, sodium benzoate, phosphoric acid, and food coloring additives. So the idea that no calories + no sugar = healthy is totally wrong! READ THOSE INGREDIENTS and download this app right away. I dare you to start looking up the ingredients in some of your favorite foods. I bet you’ll be surprised.

What are some of your favorite nutrition Iphone apps?



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