Spend Smart: How to Save Money on Healthy Food

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Spend Smart:

How to Save Money on Healthy Food

Healthy food can be a little more expensive, but if you’re smart about it you can save actually save money on eating healthy now and even down the road by avoiding doctors pills and prescriptions for health problems caused by a poor diet.

A few tips to spend smart include:

  • Buy in bulk! I buy my healthy foods in bulk through sites such as Amazon or in stores such as Sam’s or Costco. For instance, my favorite gluten free oats come in a pack of 4 through Amazon so it’s much cheaper than buying each container separately.
  • Buy local produce. Often buying local produce from a farm or farm stand can save you some money. They often charge less for many of your favorites and as a side bonus the veggies and fruits are usually fresher so they taste better, have more nutrients, and if non organic will have less pesticides!savemoneyonhealthyfood
  • Buy what’s cheaper. I love pomegranates but they tend to be quite expensive. Instead, opt for produce that is a bit cheaper such as a bag of apples or using green peppers more often over colored peppers and buy the more expensive fruits and veggies as an occasional treat. Also, take a little time to compare products. Organics aren’t always more expensive, and certain fruits and veggies tend to be cheaper than others. Furthermore, there are certain fruits and veggies that contain more pesticides than others. Splurging on organic for produce that has more pesticides may be doable while buying non-organic produce for those with less pesticides (learn more about the Dirty Dozen fruits and veggies to buy organic by clicking here)
  • Load up when food is on sale. Duh! Now a days it’s easy to find sales fliers and coupons online for your favorites foods. Check your favorite stores website for a weekly flier or weekly coupons. Also, many of the product brands websites will have coupons as well. I know I get coupons regularly from one of my favorite companies Applegate (who has some awesome all natural sausage and bacon!) If you’ve got the space always buy extra when food is on sale (it’ll save you money later!) and taking a little extra time to find some coupons will definitely cut down on your grocery budget.
  • Lastly, be smart where you spend your money. If you take a good look at where you’re throwing money away, especially on unhealthy foods to go, you may be surprised at how much you have left over for healthy eats. If you’re spending $5 a day at Starbucks that could go a lot further if you made your own coffee at home and used the leftover for healthier food. Also, by packing your lunch instead of eating out for lunch everyday can save you money too and give you more control over the choices you have to eat for lunch so you can better stick to your healthy diet.

So what tips do you have to spend smarter and save money on healthy food?



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