The Big Ten Workout

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The Big Ten Workout

This weeks big ten workout comes at a  great time of year (football season!). So these exercises will have you sweating and are great exercises to build strength and endurance for any football player or regular joe! Enjoy and be sure to let me know how your workouts are going by leaving a comment below!

Equipment: None

Workout:  This workout contains 3 circuits. You'll complete each circuit for 10 minutes before moving onto the next. Circuit through the 3 exercises in the circuit, completing 10 reps of each, as many times as you can in that 10 minutes. Take a quick break after each circuit before moving onto the next.


  • Circuit 1: Push Ups, Burpees, Curl Ups
  • Circuit 2: Mountain Climber, Plank Rows, Pop Squat
  • Circuit 3: Suicide Plank,  Bicycle Crunch, Tuck Jumps




  1. Robert Shelby Blaisdell says

    hey Becky..Wish I had started this work out a week ago…But they are always good…Thank you so much for your insights and adaptations. I feel you to be an inspiring and good fitness role model and teacher. Namate Shelby

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