Cut out Added Sugar

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How much sugar do you eat a day? You may be suprised how much added sugar you are getting in your diet on a daily basis. There's the obvious stuff such as candy and soda, but did you realize you may also be getting it in your "healthy foods" such as granola bars, yogurt, cereal, or salad dressing? So this week I challenge you to start counting how many added sugars you are getting in your diet. Ideally for women, you should limit your added sugar intake to 100 calories/day, or 25 grams/day, and for men, 150 calories/day, or 37 grams/day. And I have covered this topic in the past, but it's SO important and overeating sugar is added to unwanted weight gain and a higher prevealence of diabetes. So I encourage to take steps to cut out the sugar. Be sure to check out these past blog posts to learn more ways you can cut out sugar in your diet: The Sugar Challenge: Cut Sugar for Maximum Weight Loss Sugar, Sugar Everywhere – A Trip to the Store

So are you ready to take the sugar challenge? Tell me about it below!



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