3 Surprising Fitness Myths That Are Stopping You in Your Tracks

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Female runner with focus and determination to runNot getting the results you desire from your fitness routine?

Are you starting to feel like something is wrong with you or your metabolism?

Are you frustrated and fed up?

Well you’re not alone.

I hear it all the time from new clients and other women I come across on a regular basis and I’ve even been there myself!!

Like you, these women are frustrated because they are working hard, yet lack the results of a slimmer more fit body.

And it can be frustrating…often frustrating enough to want to give up!

But I’m telling you DON’T GIVE UP. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

See the problem isn’t you…it’s the crappy advice you’ve been given all these years. The misinformation that’s leading you further from your goals rather than closer to them.

So quit blaming yourself. It’s not your fault, you’re just doing what you think is right! However, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…so don’t be a crazy person 😉

STOP DOING THE SAME THING! Stop getting the same (or lack of) results!

Instead, try something new and different. Here are some fitness myths and a few tips on what you can be doing instead to start dropping that extra weight and feel more confident again!

Fitness Myth #1: You Should Kill Yourself At Every Workout

This one probably bugs me the most.

I’ve had two conversations just this past week with individuals who could barely move for many days after a workout. And one of my clients Carolyn was actually sore for nearly the entire 6 months she trained with her past trainer and even ended up injured! This is NOT how things should be.

Soreness SHOULD NOT be your indicator of a good workout.

Nor should being sore or completely exhausted be the goal of every workout.

Yes, on occasion it’s ok…like when you try something new or give it your all at a 5K or some other type of competition. In those instances it’s ok to be sore, but not on a regular basis.

Exercise is meant to energize you and leave you feeling accomplished rather than wanting to roll back up under the covers and go to sleep.

Yes, when starting a new workout routine you will be sore. That’s a given. Maybe for a day or two after, but you should be not be sore for the entire next week. Also, after that first week or two being sore should be an occasional thing…maybe when you try something new or compete in something, but it should NEVER be a regular occurrence.

Constantly overworking yourself and pushing too hard just sets you up for injury, burnout, and overtraining. It makes it harder to stick to your routine because who really looks forward to being in pain? Uh not me and likely not you either.

So challenge yourself. Feel the muscle burn. Work up a sweat. It should be tough but not completely exhausting. You’ll actually notice better results in the long run and a much better mood!

Fitness Myth #2: Cardio is More Important Than Weights

Sorry, this one is just not true. For multiple reasons…

Cardio burns less calories than weight training.

See weight training has two things going for it:

One is that it helps increase muscle.

Anything that helps you increase your muscle boosts your metabolism.

A boosted metabolism means you will increase your metabolic rate and you will burn more calories at rest.

Second, once you step off that treadmill your calorie burning stops whereas with strength training, specifically in circuit style training with limited breaks, there’s this wonderful thing called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. You may have heard of it called the afterburn. What this means is you continue to burn calories even after your workout!

Also, with cardio, especially with lots of long cardio sessions, your body will start to burn muscle. As I mentioned before, building muscle boosts your metabolism, so losing muscle does the opposite and lowers it.

Lastly, lots of cardio tends to make you hungrier, so you often eat more and sometimes even too much, counteracting the calorie burn of your workout!

So get in 2-4 strength training workouts per week and cut back on that crazy long cardio. Not only will you look more tone but you’ll add more muscle which will boost your strength and your metabolism.

Fitness Myth #3: More Is Better

Working out MORE is NOT better. There is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to exercising.

Hours spent working out is not realistic and it’s not sustainable.

It doesn’t give you better or faster results and can actually hinder your results as I mentioned above.

The truth is that it’s a HUGE waste of your time to spend too much time working out and I don’t want you wasting your time. There’s more to life and more important things that need your time like your friends or family.

Long workout sessions just hinder your weight loss by slowing your metabolism, lowering your willpower, and creating an environment where’s it’s easy to overeat.

Research even shows that shorter, more intense workouts are the best way to burn fat and burn calories…WHY because of that EPOC I mentioned before.

It’s all about the INTENSITY not the DURATION!

It’s about QUALITY over QUANTITY.

These types of workouts, whether interval training or metabolic weight training, increases muscle mass, metabolism, and burns more calories than the looooong, slow, boring stuff.

And really, if you can workout for an hour or an hour and a half you’re likely just pacing yourself or taking lots of breaks so stop dragging it out!

Focus on interval training over slow, steady cardio. When it comes to weight training keep moving in a circuit fashion. Take limited breaks and move right from one exercise to the next. Pick up that heavier weight to really challenge yourself. Picking 6-9 exercises is plenty. A 20-40 minute workout is plenty of time to get the results you desire!

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    This is definitely some food for thought, Becky. I think I’m guilty of relating soreness to a good workout. Great to hear your insight on that!

    • Becky Fox says

      Lindsey, yes I used to think the same way and that’s what media currently tells us, but actually can be a sign of overtraining when you’re working out regularly! Thank you for your thoughts 😉

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