Member Spotlight: Dolly Duffy


After months or years of not working out, it can be very challenging to get back into a routine. Where do you even start? Well, this fall we launched our first Beginner Bootcamp and this spotlight goes to one of our first participants… Dolly Duffy! “I decided to participate in the Beginner Bootcamp, because I […]

Lessons from the Psychology of Strength Workshop


What holds you back when trying to reach your goals? It’s probably not what you think… Although, it’s easy to blame lack of progress or “falling off the wagon” on everyone and everything else, like your busy schedule, genetics, or that individual that’s constantly tempting you with unhealthy treats; the REAL truth is that more […]

29 Reasons To Workout Today

29 Reasons to Workout

1. You’re not going to get a hot booty by sitting around on it all day. 2. Because you’re tired of looking at your skinny clothes in the closet (or trying to squeeze into clothes that are just to tight!). 3. You really don’t want to go up another size do you? 4. So you’re […]

The Best Women’s Health and Fitness Magazines

best women's health and fitness magazines

The Best Women’s Health and Fitness Magazines Yup that is me cheesing over my fitness tip in Women’s Running Magazine… However, I must confess, I love magazines, especially health and fitness magazines. I definitely get too many in the mail or downloaded to my kindle every month. I love all the great healthy recipes, workout […]

Fox of the Month – Todd Gerringer


Fox of the Month – Todd Gerringer I have some of the most awesome clients ever! It's true, and because of that I want to share with you some of their fantastic success stories. So each month I'll be picking someone to spotlight and this month it's Todd Gerringer!! Way to go Todd (your trainer […]

What inspires you to be fit and healthy?

Definition of Inspire

What Inspires You to Be Fit and Healthy? Last year, a 100 year old man, Fuaja Sing, finished a marathon. He may have finished in last place and it may have took him eight hours but the key is he finished the race, and this wasn’t even his first one! After losing his wife, Singh […]