Do Shape Up Shoes Really Work?

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Do Shape Up Shoes Really Work?

Everyone keeps asking me, “Do Shape Up Shoes really work?” Well if you’re curious whether or not it’s worth the $100 to purchase them read this first.

The claim: Due to the technology of the shoe muscles in your calves, thighs, and buttocks will be stimulated that you don’t normally use and since the shoes tend to throw you off balance your core will be more actively be engaged. In addition, these shoes promote a healthy weight loss, reduce cellulite, and promote good posture, all without having to go to the gym. And not to mention they are also very stylish.

So is it worth it?

Can I really forgo the gym?

First, of all even if these Shape up Shoes do tone parts of your legs, it is definitely not going to be as effective as a regular resistance training program will be. Do you really think a pair of shoes can give you the same sexy legs as lunges or squats? While granted they will work your muscles a bit more than a regular pair or walking shoes, you definitely wouldn’t want to forgo a regular weight training routine. And hello what about your upper body? Those arms need a workout too!

Will I have improved posture?

This is probably true. These shoes will throw you off balance so you’ll have to get used to it, and it’ll be more important to stand upright. In doing so you will activate your core muscles at least while you’re walking. Sitting at your desk, slouched over a computer is a whole different story.

Will I really burn more calories?

Any cardio training is going to help you burn calories and drop the pounds. And while this may help you to burn slightly more calories I would have to guess the difference isn’t very significant. Just like using hand weights in aerobics class was popular for awhile, in the end we just found you burned a few insignificant extra calories and the risk of injury wasn’t worth those extra few calories burned.

Can I really lose weight?

As for weight loss, no shoe is ever going to be the ultimate weight loss solution. If you’re sitting around on your butt all day or not eating a healthy diet, you’ll never lose weight. And even if you walk miles in your Shape Up Shoes every day it’s still going to be important to include a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Is it safe?

Also, according to Mike Seril, of Mike Seril Fitness and Excellence Through Exercise of Whittier California, if you have any kind of low back issues or foot problems, wearing these shoes may exacerbate your problems because of the extra pressure on the joints since it’s trying to compensate for the new movement. So do be careful if you have low back pain or other foot and back issues before using a shoe like this. And if you’re wearing them and notice they start to cause pain anywhere, I would suggest you stop using them.

Lastly, are these shoes stylish?

Hmm…Let’s just say I’m not expecting them to be showing up on the fashion runways anytime soon. Ultimately, the key is to really toning up and losing weight is to start incorporating cardio, strength training, and proper diet into your life and then you can achieve your fitness goals not matter what shoe you’re wearing. Although, Shape Up Shoes may have some benefits, I would say save your pennies and instead focus on a more well-rounded fitness and nutrition plan!

So what are your thoughts on shape up shoes?




  1. Rita Hansard says

    I have found that they do “work,” but only while doing my usual daily jog. As my leg muscles were already toned, walking in them doesn’t make much difference. (You can do stretches in them that are impossible to do in other athletic shoes.) I still wouldn’t forgo regular exercise in favor of them, but I do like the two together.

  2. says

    It is excellent to have the chance to read a good quality article with useful data on topics that many are interested on. The point that the data indicated are all first hand on live experiences even aid more. Keep doing what you do as we like reading your work.

  3. says

    I was out looking for a good pair of shoes that I can use to stand/walk around in for 8+ hours a day. All the shoe stores were full of these. I never realized how “high” these shoes are. I had no intention of buying a pair despite the current craze. My first thought was how easy it would be to twist an ankle or become unbalanced and injure yourself. I had that experience in a pair of “Rocket Dogs” while wearing them out in the yard. Nothing against Rocket Dogs. I shouldn’t have been wearing them out in the backyard where the ground isn’t even. Thank you for your valuable information concerning all these things the infomercials like to claim to be a simple solution to weight loss problems when only eating properly and working out regularly are the solution.

    • lori says

      Im telling you these are the best my husband is a mechanic in his standing all day with back pain and tbese eased his pain and i do everything in mine doesnt take long to adjust really. So much comfier than anything ever

  4. says

    Another great post reviewing a product that is marketed to grab a hold of the audience who wants quick-fixes and easy ways to stay fit. It’s great to see that you are always focusing on healthy living as a lifestyle. It’s important to be reminded that staying healthy needs a commitment and consistency! Looking forward to read more of your blog posts.

  5. G Clark says

    These shoes caused me serious problems. I did not fall while wearing the shoes. However, I did break by heel. After two months of physicial therapy I can now walk normal. I did exactly what the DVD and the tag stated to do when wearing for the first time but still damaged my foot to the point I had to wear a boot for two weeks and see a bone doc. Just my experience but it did happen.

  6. Matt C says

    I have been wearing Sketchers Shape Ups for 7 months now and let me tell you, they are a miracle. It took me 2 weeks to get use to balancing myself on them the proper way, but I am so glad I waited the 2 weeks and didn’t give up right away. I am a 29 yr old Male Nurse. After lifting heavy patients I started having major back pains. I went to the chiropractor who didn’t help much. My mom bought me these shoes, and they have made my back pain disappear completely. Even while walking with them off, I know longer have back pain. I even have my mom who had back pain wearing them. She was skeptical but was glad I told her to buy a pair and start wearing. Feel free to email me with questions or tips.

  7. Dottie P says

    Guess I have to throw my 2 cents in here; I am an overpronator with arthritis in my big toes so they don’t like to bend or pressure. Wearing the Shape Ups have helped the overpronating by forcing me to balance correctly, which turned my foot enough so it puts less pressure on the bad toe. All in all, I like my Shape ups and now have two pair of the sandals and looking to purchase sneakers for the winter. I did overdo it one day by wearing them to a theme park. It was too much walking and wore me out too fast.

  8. Bill McMinn says

    I have had lower back pain for years, many doctor office visits and treatments for back pain and pain meds. My wife bought me a pair of shape up shoes for work and now my back pain is gone, and we have started walking every day. i love them

  9. says

    The best shape and tone shoes that I have worn are Gliders made by Beebe Sports. Very light weight and comfortable. These shoes have definitely made a difference on how my lower body looks and feels.

  10. Ron says

    I had a really bad problem with plantar faciaitis. I bought a pair of these to wear away from work due to the fact that i have to wear steel toed boots all day. These actually DO help with the pain from the condition. I have noticed that my calves and buttock muscles are firming up as well. I walk a lot and these did not take long to get used to. I actually prefer to wear these now over any shoe.

  11. says

    I’ve mentioned this before in other posts that I’ve written about shape up shoes reviews- if people are wearing shape up shoes ONLY to lose weight, they’re going to be disappointed if they rely exclusively on shoes for weight loss! Just like Becky says, your arms need a workout too!

    But- there is a snowball effect here that I think you can’t get elsewhere except for Shape up shoes. Once you find the RIGHT shoes for your feet,( and you’ll be able to figure out which shape up shoe is best for your feet after you conduct a bit of research reading shape up shoe reviews), once you put them on you’ll find your posture will improve, which will strengthen your core, allowing for deeper breathing, better blood circulation, which all is very good for health and well being. You’ll also find, when reading more shape up shoe reviews, that most likely any nagging pains you have (the probably lead you to forgo exercise because it’s just too painful to exercise like sciatica, and numbness, and plantar fasciitis) will go away leaving you with no more reason not to exercise! So, will you lose weight and tone up? In my opinion, yes- based on what I’ve mentioned above but in a different way than the hype-y claims that you can stop going to the gym 🙂

  12. Dick says

    W A R N I N G – DO NOT wear Skechers Shape Ups when you drive. Because of the UPWARD SHAPE OF THE TOE on these shoes, my foot has slipped off the brake pedal (clear to the floor) enough times, and enough close calls of hitting something, I stopped wearing them when I drive. Went back to the store where purchased and found out two or three other people had complained about the exact same problem. They are great for walking on even surfaces, but that’s it. NEVER, NEVER drive with them. You could endanger your life or someone else’s by not getting back on the brake pedal in time.

    • Matty says

      I love my Skechers Shape Ups. I walk in the neighborhood with them. I go to shopping in them and I work in them. There was a learning curve to wearing them. I recently bought two more pairs. I also drive in them. I drive a manual transmission and have never had a problem. I have more of a problem with my feet slipping when I wear my Keens.

      I know Skechers Shape Ups are being discontinued, but I fully recommend them. I’m 5’7 and 170lbs. I have always had poor posture. These shoes help my angry knees, they have helped me walk more upright, and have alleviated the need for constantly wearing compression hose on my thighs!

  13. Jo says

    I just bought a pair of Dr. Scholles (sp?) shoes that are very similar (if not the same) as the sketchers shapeups. I had seen how much these shapes were before and there was no way I was paying that much for shoes. However, the Dr. Scholles I purchased were only $15.00 at walmart. They have others much like them if you don’t like Dr. Scholles for around $15-$30.00. So if your worried about price this might be a nice alternative to the high priced sketchers. So far I’m loving them. I walk 5 miles about twice a week (10 miles total) looking forward to see if they help retone my legs some, even if it’s just a little bit. Hope this helps some people who want to try them but font want to pay a $100 or more.

  14. Anne Ammons says

    I just bought a pair at Marshall’s for $29.99. They obviously were on sale. Skechers Shape-ups XF. I know all Marshall’s stores may not have them, but at that price it may be worth checking. I had no idea they were normally $100 or that Dr. Oz had recommended them. I liked the white/teal color and look of the shoe, loved the way they feel on my foot, and so far, like walking in them. I’m getting ready to start a weight loss effort – walking, dieting, and working out at the Y. None of my shoes were comfortable, so I was just looking in general, so I’m pleased to find a good deal. Hope they work as well as they are said to! Maybe someone will find the same deal,I hope so!

  15. says

    I know the”rule of thumb” is one finger space in front of your shoe, but what is the ideal sizing? 81/2 felt great but little loose (is this preferred for breathing room?), 8 so-so, than 71/2 fine but definately would feel tighter with thicker socks. I left them but were at a $25 sale price, id love to go back and figure the correct size before they’re all gone! Thanks.

  16. David says

    I am experiencing numbness in my last three toes and left side of my body after walking /jogging two miles in my sketchers shape ups. Never had this type of affect before. is it possible this could be caused by my shoes and the way I was walking?

    • Becky says

      Yes if you haven’t had this problem with other shoes there’s a very good chance it’s the sketchers. I don’t recommend jogging in sketchers anyhow.

  17. Unknown says

    I Recently bought these shoes…costed me nothing pretty much i have HEEL SPURS and you can imagine how bad those hurt..especially walking on concrete all day long…i had regular 160$ nike shoes that were okay at first. I wake up with a hard time to walk limping most of the time…after i bought these shoes walked whole mall…around shopping…today my first day at work to wear these…let me tell you yesterday i wore them all day long walked everywhere in these…Guess what i had no pain when i walked this morning it really helps with heel spurs….

    I love the shoes and support it has its good on my back! and no more pain in my heels i will wear them all time! plus added bonus of working out while walking!!! Thanks Skechers for making my feet feel better!

  18. says

    I use a type of these shoes at work. I got them in order to improve my balance issues since I am very clumsy. Overall, I’ve had no balance issues since wearing them. My legs do hurt after a day of working, but that’s normal for me. I feel muscles being used I never used before! Also I had a lot of knee pain. I work 5 to 10 hour shifts, five days a week. So that got pretty bad. But now my knee pain is virtually gone! Definitely recommend.

  19. says

    Thanks for the post really I don’t think so shape up shoes really work for weight loss or promote good posture, but some of the experts said that by using this shoes it works like acupuncture in our foot I don’t know much about it .

  20. says

    I just bought a pair of Shape Ups cause most regular walking and running shoes hurt my heels and caused me lots of pain on the ball of my feet. I usually walk about ten miles a day and already feel a difference with no pain in my feet. These are great walking shoes and I don’t believe that any workout shoes should be considered for weight loss.

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