The Best Women’s Health and Fitness Magazines

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The Best Women’s Health and Fitness Magazines

Yup that is me cheesing over my fitness tip in Women’s Running Magazine…

However, I must confess, I love magazines, especially health and fitness magazines. I definitely get too many in the mail or downloaded to my kindle every month. I love all the great healthy recipes, workout ideas, fitness tips, and especially the motivation that comes with reading these magazines and looking at other fit women.

So I wanted to share with you some of my favorites fitness magazines designed just for women.

And I made it easy for you – you can even click right on the magazine image below if you’d like more info on subscribing.


Want to look like a fitness model? Oxygen has got you covered. Now I was a little worried that this magazine was disappearing when the original owners filed bankruptcy, but luckily another company took over and it’s back! This magazine is awesome because it has great workout routines, recipes, and fitness tips to help you not just lose weight but pack on the muscle so you can be super toned and have a soaring metabolism! It’s definitely geared more toward the intermediate to advanced exerciser, but is great for beginners too. I’ve been getting this for years and it is by far one of my favorites.

Muscle and Fitness Hers

Muscle and Fitness Hers is another great fitness magazine for women that’s loaded with workout, training, nutrition advice, and recipes. I find it’s very similar to Oxygen and tends to have more intermediate to advanced content. It’s definitely motivational and full of great content!

Fitness Rx for Women

What I like about this magazine is it cites the latest studies on how to live a healthier life. It definitely a great way to get some of the latest scientific information on fitness and nutrition out there.


Shape is another great resource for fitness and nutrition. This magazine is a great way to follow the latest trends and even get some beauty tips along the way as well. I love their quick workouts and practical tips for incorporating fitness into your everyday lifestyle.

Women’s Health

Don’t just learn about fitness but learn nearly everything you need to know about staying healthy with Women’s Health. I love this magazine because it is so comprehensive and covers so much information including diet, fitness, general health, beauty, style, sex, love, and more. A great resource for keeping yourself healthy inside and out!


Fitness magazine is another great resource for weight loss and well you probably guessed it…Fitness! I find this magazine to be very similar to Shape with great workouts, recipes, health tips, and more. If you want to get fit you really can’t go wrong learning all the great info among the pages of this magazine.

Women’s Running


If you’re an avid runner or looking to get started this is an excellent magazine. It’s geared specifically toward women and has lot of great training and nutrition tips as well as all the latest gear and upcoming races. I was even lucky enough to be featured recently and participate in the Women’s Running 5K Series with a group of local women!

Pilates Style

Honestly, I’ve never got too involved in Pilates, but it’s definitely a great way to stay fit, healthy, and build your core. This magazine has lots of great fitness information as well as Pilates based workouts you can do at home to build strength or simply be healthier.

Yoga Journal

And last but not least, one of my favorites is Yoga Journal. I’m a fan of the relaxation and stretch that yoga provides and this magazine has some great routines that are easy to follow. It also has some great health articles as well as bonuses like tasty recipes. Whether you consider yourself a yogi or are just getting started there’s plenty of great information in this magazine.

So there you have it! The best women’s fitness magazines. Be sure to check out this video where I go over each magazine in further detail:

What are your favorite health and fitness magazines?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.




  1. says

    Is there a fitness magazine geared toward women in their 40s? I’m not interested in articles about why my boy friend didn’t text me back. I’m also not going to become a professional body builder while raising 3 kids.

    • Becky Fox says

      Hey Eileen you may want to check out Prevention Magazine. That’s very health oriented but not as geared toward a younger age 😉

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