We're Making Progress So Far! Two Knoxville Transformation Challengers Share Their Progress

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Making a transformation to your body and life is not an easy task. I’m so excited to be a part of the 2010 Fox Fitness and Health Shoppe Knoxville Body Transformation Challenge because it’s always so exciting to see the changes made over the course of the 12 week challenge.

Two individuals that have made substantial changes in their  physique already are featured below. Congrats ladies!!

photoDonna Paul – Down 6 Pounds with some great tips to share!

Donna entered the Transformation Challenge with a goal to lose 10-15 pounds. So what is she doing to work toward that goal?

Cardio: Two 45 minute spin classes

Strength Training: Two days of circuit training for all over strength training and toning.

What’s her biggest obstacle? Portion control!

What has she done to battle that obstacle? Use smaller plates and containers for all meals. Donna also plans what she will eat the next day so she won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy.

Donna’s Nutrition Tip: Watch those nutrition labels! There are so many foods you think are healthy and they really aren’t. So learn to read those labels and do it every time.

Donna says it’s all about reprogramming your mind. It is difficult but is a necessary part of reaching your goals.

So how is Donna doing? She has lost 6 pounds and now can fit back into a size 6!! An hey she even took her pic at the gym 🙂 Congrats Donna!

Bonnie Bonnie Harlow – Lost 3 Pounds and Gained Lots of Tone!

Bonnie was ready to make some real changes in her life and is willing to do what it takes to lose the weight and lead a healthier life.

So what is Bonnie doing? Bonnie is working with dietician Kayla Matrunick and sticking to a healthy diet. Bonnie eats 3 main meals and 3 mini meals to keep her metabolism revving so it burns fat and to ward off hunger so she can easily stick to her plan of healthy eating.

Her workouts consists of about an hour a day of cardio and weights. She is also working with a personal trainer twice a week to  give her that extra push and accountability.

At typical day or eating for Bonnie looks like this:

  • Morning Breakfast:  1/2 cup oatmeal, 3 egg whites, hand full blueberries
  • Post workout: recovery shake w/ 2:1:1 made w/ one cup plain greek yogurt
  • Lunch: 4 oz shredded chicken, brown rice, broccoli
  • Afternoon mini-meal: ultra energy acai bar or myoplex meal replacement shake
  • Dinner: tilapia, quinoa, green beans
  • Mini meal: 1/4 cup cottage  ch, 1 tbsp greek  yogurt, sprinkle of crushed almonds
  • As for beverages, Bonnie only drinks water or an occasional coffee – w/ splenda and powdered/ non-dairy creamer.

Bonnie’s Motivational Tip: It is a slow process, and you may have to implement little changes at a time. I’ve had to change the way I look and think about food.  Now, I consider food  fuel for my goal and energy for my workouts. I don’t think of it as “Oh, that looks sooo good,” because I don’t feel like it is “good”/( taste good, maybe yes) but not good for my goal and the me I want to be.

Bonnie is ultra committed and determined that she can do anything for 12 weeks. After that time these new healthy habits will be second nature and she’ll be able to passionately continue with the same diet and exercise routine even after the challenge is over.

So  how is Bonnie doing? She has lost 3 pounds and has increased her muscle tone!



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